What’s New

The major novelties of all releases since v1.0 are as follows:

New in Version 2.3.3:

New in Version 2.3.2:

  • fixed bug in initialisation of analyses combination

  • smodels version now printed in all output formats

New in Version 2.3.1:

  • fixed bug for reading QNUMBERS blocks from SLHA files

  • small fixes in how pythia6 and pythia8 are built

  • small fix in truncated Gaussian llhd experimental feature

  • small fix in computation of combined upper limits

  • combinationmatrices are now forced to be symmetric

  • added isCombinableWith method also for CombinedDataSets

  • added a recipe for how to use a combinations matrix

  • runtime.nCPUs() now returns number of available CPUs, not all CPUs

  • xsecComputer now has –tempdir option

  • StatsComputer now has CLs method

  • changed default prompt width from 1e-8 to 1e-11 GeV in code

New in Version 2.3.0:

  • fixed bug for an LHE input only with anti-particles

  • fixed error that truncated signal yields when computing expected upper limits

  • added minMass parameter for setting a minimum mass threshold for BSM masses

  • fixed C++ interface to work with python 3.11

  • bumped up pythia8 from 8.307 to 8.308

  • SModelS can now track inter-analyses combinability at the level of whole analyses as well as individual signal regions

  • added support for SLv2 (Gaussian with a skew), arXiv:1809.05548

  • refactored the statistics modules

  • introduced “full_llhds” database add-on (see parameter.ini file)

  • database extension, added new results from 6 ATLAS and 4 CMS analyses (hfm=HistFactory model, cov=covariance matrix for SR combination):
    • results from ATLAS: ATLAS-SUSY-2018-05 (UL,EM+hfm), ATLAS-SUSY-2018-32 (EM+hfm), ATLAS-SUSY-2018-41 (EM+cov, updated), ATLAS-SUSY-2018-42 (UL,EM), ATLAS-SUSY-2019-02 (UL,EM+cov), ATLAS-SUSY-2013-12 (8TeV, EM)

    • results from CMS: CMS-SUS-19-010 (UL), CMS-SUS-20-004 (UL,EM), CMS-SUS-21-002 (UL,EM+cov)

    • added expected ULs to CMS-SUS-19-009

New in Version 2.2.1:

New in Version 2.2.0.post1:

  • removed dependency on importlib.metadata to make it work with python <= 3.7

New in Version 2.2.0:

  • introduced (user-defined) combinations of analyses

  • changed expected limits computed with pyhf from post-fit to pre-fit

  • a few smaller changes around expected likelihoods and limits

  • changed default value of promptWidth parameter from 1e-8 to 1e-11 GeV

  • allow ncpus to take on zero and negative values in ini file [meaning use all but this (absolute) number of CPU cores]

  • notion of “nonaggregated” databases introduced

  • small fixes in the Howto’s

  • updates in references.bib, installation notes

  • more small fixes in unit tests

  • database extension, added new results from 4 ATLAS and 11 CMS analyses:
    • results from ATLAS: ATLAS-SUSY-2018-08 (UL+EM), ATLAS-SUSY-2018-40 (UL+EM), ATLAS-SUSY-2018-41 (UL+EM), ATLAS-SUSY-2019-09 (UL+EM, full likelihood)

    • results from CMS: CMS-SUS-16-050 (EM), CMS-SUS-18-004 (UL), CMS-SUS-18-007 (UL), CMS-SUS-19-008 (UL), CMS-SUS-19-011 (UL), CMS-SUS-19-013 (UL), CMS-SUS-20-001 (UL), CMS-SUS-20-002 (UL)

    • recast with MadAnalysis5: CMS-SUS-16-039 (EM), CMS-SUS-16-048 (EM), CMS-SUS-19-006 (EM); all incl. covariance matrices

New in Version 2.1.1:

New in Version 2.1.0:

  • Ability to merge Databases using ‘+’ as a delimiter: “latest_fastlim” and “official_fastlim” are now written as “latest+fastlim”, and “official+fastlim”.

  • useSuperseded flag in getExpResults is marked as deprecated, as we now just put superseded results in separate database

  • DataSets now have an .isCombinableWith function

  • Slightly extended output of summary printer

  • Added scan summary (summary.txt) when running over multiple files

  • Added expandedOutput option to slha-printer

  • Output for efficiency-map results now reports L, L_max and L_SM

  • The likelihood is now maximized only for positive values of the signal strength in the computation of L_max

  • Pythia8 version in xsecComputer updated from 8226 to 8306

  • Improved interactive plots

  • database updated with results from 5 new ATLAS and 1 new CMS analyses:

    CMS-EXO-19-010 (disappearing tracks) UL, ATLAS-SUSY-2016-08 (displaced leptons) EM, ATLAS-SUSY-2018-10 (1l+jets) UL+EM, ATLAS-SUSY-2018-12 (0l+jets) UL+EM, ATLAS-SUSY-2018-22 (0l+jets) UL+EM, ATLAS-SUSY-2018-23 (EWino, WH) UL

  • added EM results for

    ATLAS-SUSY-2017-03 (EWino, WZ), ATLAS-SUSY-2018-06 (EWino, WZ), ATLAS-SUSY-2018-14 (sleptons), CMS-SUSY-14-021 (stops)

  • created and added THSCPM10 and THSCPM11 EMs for ATLAS-SUSY-2016-32;

  • replaced some 8 TeV ATLAS conf notes with the published results

    (ATLAS-CONF-2013-007 -> ATLAS-SUSY-2013-09, ATLAS-CONF-2013-061 -> ATLAS-SUSY-2013-18, ATLAS-CONF-2013-089 -> ATLAS-SUSY-2013-20)

  • corrected off-shell regions of some existing EM-type results (in three 13 TeV and eigth 8 TeV analyses).

New in Version 2.0.0:

New in Version 1.2.4:

  • added pyhf support

  • pickle path bug fix

  • bug fix for parallel xseccomputers

  • Introduced the SMODELS_CACHEDIR environment variable to allow for a different location of the cached database file

  • fixed dataId bug in datasets

New in Version 1.2.3:

  • database updated with results from more than 20 new analyses

  • server for databases is now smodels.github.io, not smodels.hephy.at

  • small bug fix for displaced topologies

  • small fix in slha printer, r_expected was r_observed

  • Downloaded database files now stored in $HOME/.cache/smodels

New in Version 1.2.2:

  • Updated official database, added T3GQ eff maps and a few ATLAS 13 TeV results, see github database release page

  • Database “official” now refers to a database without fastlim results, “official_fastlim”, to the official database with fastlim

  • List displaced signatures in missing topologies

  • Improved description about lifetime reweighting in doc

  • Fix in cluster for asymmetric masses

  • Small improvements in the interactive plots tool

New in Version 1.2.1:

  • Fix in particleNames.py for non-MSSM models

  • Fixed the marginalize recipe

  • Fixed the T2bbWWoff 44 signal regions plots in ConfrontPredictions in manual

New in Version 1.2.0:

  • Decomposition and experimental results can include non-MET BSM final states (e.g. heavy stable charged particles)

  • Added lifetime reweighting at decomposition for meta-stable particles

  • Added finalState property for Elements

  • Introduction of inclusive simplified models

  • Inclusion of HSCP and R-hadron results in the database

New in Version 1.1.3:

New in Version 1.1.2:

  • Database update only, the code is the same as v1.1.1

New in Version 1.1.1:

  • C++ Interface

  • Support for pythia8 (see Cross Section Calculator)

  • improved binary database

  • automated SLHA and LHE file detection

  • Fix and improvements for missing topologies

  • Added SLHA-type output

  • Small improvements in interpolation and clustering

New in Version 1.1.0: